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DELAY is a journey of self-assessment. It takes the form of Tumpang Lalu(Excuse me), the shrinking of the body that Malay folks execute to walk in front of someone. It is also about un-bodying the self, an apologetic self-consciousness of the space one takes up in the world.


Tumpang lalu is a prominent gesture that guides Malay dancers across the performance space as they encounter one another, inscribing Malay dance as a codified system of social protocols. As a model for the community, the Malay dancer is conditioned by the value of Budi which is central to Malay culture and philosophy. Budi refers to rationality, intelligence and courtesy.

DELAY was conceived in Asia Discovers Asia Meeting 2nd & 3rd edition (Taipei). It was further developed through Dance Nucleus Scope#6 and presented in it's first VECTOR programme(Singapore) in 2021. Norhaizad has performed Delay at Venice International Performance Arts Week in 2020 and it has a collective version titled ‘Mass Delay’ that was performed in Singapore Night Festival 2022

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